Sunday, December 02, 2007

Grandma’s Brag Book-Part 4 A and 5 A

I will never forget the day in June 2005, when I was talking to my daughter on the phone concerned about her early stages of pregnancy. She said that she had just gone in for an ultrasound and they heard BOTH heartbeats. At first I thought she meant hers and the baby’s. Then it dawned on me what she meant! I was going to be the grandma of TWINS.

Fast forward 6 months to December 20th. I got the call from our son in law that we needed to get there NOW! So off we went. Since the boys were about 6 weeks early and since the doctor didn’t know if everything would go according to schedule, only Daddy and Beyuh (that’s me) were allowed in the delivery room. Well, of course, Mommy was there too! Daddy would deliver and Beyuh would record the event for posterity. Grandpa had to sit out and worry—and make phone calls to other family members. With Daddy doing the delivering, Ethan Caleb (or Baby A which he was called for about a week) was the first to make an appearance. He was whisked away to a neighboring nursery where two teams of doctors and nurses were standing by. Then, we waited-and waited-and waited. Finally, about an hour and 20 minutes later, Luka Benjamin (aka Baby B) decided to make his entrance-again with Daddy doing the catching. I guess he just decided he liked all that room in there and wanted to stretch out for awhile. He, too, was whisked away to the medical team standing by. For the next two weeks, the little ones were in a Special Care Nursery at Akron General Hospital. Mommy stayed at the hospital—and of course Daddy worked there, so Beyuh stayed at home with Noah. In fact, I spent much of that winter and the following summer at the Riverhouse helping out. And loved every minute of it-well almost every minute J. Twice the number of dirty diapers did become an unwelcome chore.

I had had the joy of having my daughter back in Ohio for 4 years but it came time for them to head back to California. It was really difficult letting her go this time, especially since she had come childless and now was leaving with 3 of my grandchildren. But, we helped them pack up, helped with a garage sale, looked after kids while they loaded a big moving truck, and then we put them on a plane to California. For anyone who has had to do this, not a fun time!! So now, I live for my daughter, Shama-lama-mama’s, reports and pictures on her blog. A few visits west and some phone “conversations” with the babies and Noah have to be enough.

As you see, I titled this Part 4A and 5A. The next blogs will be Part 4B and 5B. One for each of the twins who are about as alike as night and day


Shama-Lama Mama said...

Wow! Was their hair ever that short?? Michael was out with both babies the other day and someone said, "Oh how lovely! Twin girls!!"

It's time...

Snowbird said...

Hey, you always wanted a girl.