Thursday, December 13, 2007

Grandma’s Brag Book-part 5B

Luka is the last of my grandchildren by an hour and 20 minutes. This little guy who reminds me a lot of his mommy when she was little tends to have a mind of his own—and has since before he was born. When his twin brother, Ethan was born, Luka must have decided that he liked all that room in there and just laid back and relaxed for an hour and 20 minutes while the rest of us stood around waiting and waiting.

When the twins were born, we all thought that they might be identical but as the days and weeks went on, we soon realized that they weren’t. Luka was quite a bit smaller than Ethan but became the first to do most physical activities. First to crawl, first to stand, etc. And as time went on, he became fearless. He has given his mommy and daddy more than their share of frightening moments—such as walking off the couch with no fear of where he lands, cracking his head on the corner of the brick hearth, falling down a flight of stairs, climbing up on the table and swinging from the chandelier- - you get the idea. Oh and did I mention the minute he goes outside he heads for the closest dirty rock and puts it in his mouth. Yum!

He didn’t particularily enjoy his first birthday party and voiced his opinion by screaming his head off through much of the celebration. Maybe it was the crazy hat we tried to make him wear or maybe he just didn't like chocolate cake. I can’t believe that their second birthday will be next week. Time goes way to fast. I’m wonder if his mommy and daddy think that way??

As is usual, being premature twins, both guys are a bit slow to achieve some things. Ethan is just now developing verbal language whereas Luka prefers to sign. He watches signing videos and is picking up lots of new signs and is quite proud of himself when he shows off a new one. Mommy and Daddy are having some trouble keeping up with his new language. Of course some of his executions of the signs are his own so it takes them awhile to interpret what he is telling them. Since Beyuh taught Hearing Impaired for many years and did use some sign, she is anxious to get out to San Diego in January to carry on a “conversation” with Luka.

And you know what mommy? I don't care if his hair does make him look like a girl. I like it long!


Shama-Lama Mama said...

That's my boy! But you know, he didn't actually FALL down the stairs... he was pushed! By Ethan!

Yeah, I keep waiting for that commeraderie they are supposed to have with each other...

Rising Rainbow said...

Pretty darn cute!