Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Keeping You All Happy

This is THE tree. And that is the barn, the blue one not the red one (actually a carriage house) where I had my garage/barn sale. It almost looks like a doll house next to THE tree.

OK, Tink says if I don't post once a day she will worry about me. And my daughter says if anyone cuts down our tree she will knock heads. Oh, and Gail said get to the basement sooner next time. So here goes--Tink, I'm posting. Karen the tree is still there. And Gail, I will go to the basement next time, I promise.

This is what a rainstorm does to a bunch of Peonies. I love my Peonies but they don't last very long and even less long when we have this many storms in a row!!


Tink *~*~* said...

Thank you, I feel better having heard from you today. You are in my RSS reader, so I will KNOW if you do not post, young lady! :D

Poor heap o' peonies! :( I guess they're done for this year. Did you ever have to put hoops around them to keep them standing up? I had them when I lived in the chicken coop on Long Island, but they were packed between other plants that propped them up, so I didn't have to do the hoops thing.

Tink *~*~*

The Farmer Files said...

We just got a new book called Our Day at the Seashore. I looked inside the cover last night to see where this book is photographed. There is a ton of wildlife, aquatic as well as many birds. The two families live on Sanibel Island. Made me think of you. :)