Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Trip Up North Part 2

Monday morning was cloudy, cold, and misty. We lazed around reading, talking and crocheting. Ok, we all talked, they read and I crocheted. (Karen, I'm working on the purple afghan for your oldest son. He may be 21 by the time I get it done!) Bob and I drove into Petoskey so he could get some long pants. He hadn't brought any with him. When we got back, we picked up Chuck and drove to Darlene's Restaurant in East Jordan. This is a "Mom and Pop" restaurant which Bob and Marilyn discovered years ago. They are known for their soups. OMG, I haven't had soup this good since I was in Scotland. I had Chicken Noodle. It was LOADED with homemade egg noodles and chunks of chicken. It was soooo good.

We then drove into Charlevoix to go to the Bullfrog Candle Company. I am kind of a candle nut and did indeed go nuts in there. We then went downtown to walk around the shops. Since Bob hadn't brought a jacket with him either, we found a store that was kind of an outlet store. They had fantastic lined rain jackets originally $70 for just $20. Since there were three different colors, we all ended up getting new rain jackets! I also found a store that had about 100 different kinds of salt water taffy and penny candy. So, again, I went nuts. I had thought I would wait until I got to Mackinac Island for the taffy but this looked so much better. Good thing I didn't wait. I'll tell you about that later!

We looked around some more, then headed back to the cottage. For some reason, my 71 year old left knee has decided to give me some arthritic problems. It is so sore, I can hardly go up and down stairs and walking isn't much better. Good old Tylenol Arthritis Strength is getting a good workout! Back at the cottage we finished up the meatballs and noodles (inside!) then watched 27 Dresses and Flawless on DVD. Then off to bed. I love sleeping in cold rooms and man, with it being 40 degrees outside, my room is just right!!

Tuesday was rainy, cold, cloudy and did I mention rainy, cold and cloudy!! Sooo, we opted to curl up in the living room with a good book or some crocheting and spend the day looking out at the miserable weather.

Sorry, no pictures from Monday or Tuesday. The weather was just too lousy and I didn't feel like taking pictures while avoiding raindrops! More in the next post.


Shama-Lama Mama said...

I thought you were still going with the green blanket? Did you unravel that one? He is gonna love the purple one.

Any chance you could crochet a picture of Super Mario into it?

Snowbird said...

Nope, didn't unravel it--just set it aside for awhile. You probably won't be real thrilled because it is a full sized afghan--not a youth sized one. If and when I ever finish the purple one, I will go back to the green one. And as for Super Mario--forget it!!! Don't think I could handle that one.