Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Trip Up North Part 3

Chuck and I slept in on Wednesday morning. Bob is always up at 6:00 or 6:30. It was still cold, cloudy, and misty. We decided to take off anyway. The weather report keeps saying that the next day will be better but it never is!

So, we took off for Sutton's Bay in the Leelanau Peninsula. We planned on visiting Black Star Farms. Bob had done some research on the area and found this place. It has a creamery where they make their own yummy cheese and a WINERY!!! And a tasting room!!! So, of course, who am I to turn down a trip to an adult beverage tasting room. For $3.oo we bought a glass and 5 samples of wine. Chuck chose all the white wines while Bob and I went for the reds. Oh yum! We ended up buying 4 bottles (3 white and 1 red--I was a bit more conservative than Chuck). Also bought some cheese.

Black Star Farms Tasting Room sign. Follow that arrow!! And yes, we did enjoy.

Here we are sampling the adult beverages.

Where all those wonderful adult beverage come from.

The Black Star Inn. I would love to stay here---IF I could afford it!!

From here, we drove back to another Candle Factory where, of course, I picked up more candles and some Woodstock Wind Chimes which I have wanted to get for a long time. They are now chiming away on my front porch but will make the trip back to Florida when we return. We also stopped at the Stained Glass Cabinet store. Beautiful--but very expensive--items. From there, we walked over to a Down Outlet store where I picked up two new Down pillows. Mine were so smushed down, I had to wad them up in a ball to get any support out of them. So now, I can lay my head down on wonderful new puffy down pillows.

We then drove to Avery's Restaurant in Mancelona--another Mom and Pop Restaurant. Excellent food and a fantastic salad bar. And Strawberry Shortcake to die for!! We used to eat at this restaurant many, many years ago when we would go up north skiing. My stepmother's cousin owned the motel which was very near the restaurant. From there, we headed to Dead Man's Hill overlooking the Jordan Valley which is a beautiful overlook. I'm sure it is much prettier in sunny weather and even better in the fall when the fall colors are at their peak.

The sign at Dead Man's Hill.

Looking out from Dead Man's Hill.

Bob and Nan freezing at Dead Man's Hill. Notice the new jackets but Bob is still in shorts and flip flops.

We then headed back to the cottage for a dinner of leftovers and The Great Debaters on DVD. More about our last day later.


Dianne said...

sounds like a great trip so far

that inn is amazing!!

MariBy said...

Yay! Adult beverages! LOL! Best day of your trip, I'm sure.

And nothing beats down...I love my down duvet.

Tink *~*~* said...

Is that area of the country at all acquainted with the month of June, home of the SUMMER solstice? :D I can't believe how cold it was!

Tink *~*~*

gpc said...

What a fun day (sorry it was so cold & dreary -- but it was cold and damp during my entire trip the last time I was on Sanibel! :) )

I've always wanted to visit one of those tasting rooms, thanks for the good report!