Monday, June 09, 2008

So, What Did You Do Today?

When you are retired, most of your days have no routine to them. When I wake up in the morning, I have my breakfast, read the paper, check all of my favorite blogs and message boards, check my email etc. OK, I guess you could call that a routine. But then, I decide what I will do with the rest of the day.

Well, today was clean the house and wash all of the glassware day. So, I vacuumed, dusted, tidied up etc. downstairs then I dug into my collectables. OK, I admit it. I am a collector!! Always have been but hopefully have given up that habit. But, those things that I have collected and still keep need to be cleaned once or twice a year. And today was that day.

As you can see, I love ruby glass. I think I inherited this trait from my mother. Anyway, I have tons of it. I did manage to sell off a few pieces at my garage sale but I still have a ton of it which I hate to give up.

Yup, more ruby glass. Mostly Fenton and Anchor Hocking. But you can see that I also have a collection of crystal bells and Haviland 12 Days of Christmas plates. God only knows why I collected all of these things. But, it gave my family great ideas for my birthday and Christmas presents!

Oh, did I mention that I like ruby glass?? My all time favorite piece is the vase in the middle on the top row. I got it for $7 years ago at an auction. There are two pieces. The bottom part is white onyx and the top is the most gorgeous ruby you will ever find. I have no idea how old it is, who made it or what--but I love it.

This was one of my passions for awhile. They are bells with the state flower on each one. 50 bells!! I got one or two in the mail every few weeks for I don't know how long. Lovely to look at but a pain to clean.

Quite a few years ago, we had an old hotel here in town called the Fort Findlay Motor Inn. They had a great bar where we would hang out at after play rehearsals. My daughter and I also did a couple of dinner theatres at the hotel so, yes, she hung out there too. When they sold the hotel, they had a huge sale and I was able to get one of the two ruby hanging lamps from the bar. It now graces our family room. It doesn't put out a lot of light but I do love it.

This is my favorite Fenton piece. I saved for this guy. I don't think we have ever used it as a lamp but just something to look at. Sad, really. A lamp this beautiful should be used.

OK, what I didn't show you were the cabinets full of Hummels I have also collected. Figurines, bells, plates, Nativity scene, etc etc etc. Geez, what was I thinking??

And, yes, each and every piece of what you have seen and haven't seen needs to be washed every so often. So, today all of the items you have seen pictured here were taken down, tenderly washed, dried, and placed back in their respective spots. Well, ok, I didn't exactly take the chandelier down and wash it but I did give it a good rub down with Windex!

So--that was my day. And what did you do today?


Tink *~*~* said...

With all that collecting... don't you have a shell collection to show us, young lady? :D

What I did today:

- worked
- ate sensibly
- stayed away from the windows because we had big thunderboomies and rain (wind gusting 50-60 mph!)

If you look at, you can see on the radar that a pretty big rain system is sweeping up here from the south eastern part of the state. We need the rain, but does it have to be so violent?

Tink *~*~*

gpc said...

Well let's see -- my routine is pretty steady. Up at 4:45, drive to work where I daydream about retirement, snack all day, and then work like crazy to get caught back up. I get interrupted by coworkers who need to talk - it isn't my job but I can never turn anyone away. Today it was someone who's ex had died a few months ago and he just found out, and a frazzled mom of 5 who needed to vent a little.

Drive home to change & check mail/email/internet. Take care of whatever Dr. Cranky needs - errands, doctor appointment, most often he just wants company while he has dinner at a diner. Today is a 'vacation' day because Dr. C isn't feeling well enough to go out. I love time to myself but not when I spend it worrying about him.

Normally, on a day when he doesnt need anything ( a couple of times a month, I do my own stuff, theoretically. If it weren't so hot (I like to pretend) I would no doubt be cleaning out the garage and basement.

I will be in bed at about 9 pm. The big thrill for me about retirement would be the opportunity to stay up as long as grownups do. But I will have to keep working long after I leave this job, so I'll have to be sure I don't have such early hours next time!

Shama-Lama Mama said...

I took the twins to the doctor, then off to get them blood tests for lead poisoning (because of the delayed speech) dealt with their lack of sleep and bitter anger the rest of the day...

Picked up Noah from school, decided THIS was the day to try walking the twins into the classroom instead of using the stroller, had to pick one tantruming child up off the middle of the intersection, and three tantrums at the same time while trying to get them back into the van.

Lovely day, lovely.

Snowbird said...

Geez, folks, I'm glad that all I had to do was was collectables. From the sounds of it, the rest of you had a lousy day.

Karen, where would the kids have gotten lead poisoning?? At the River House??

Gail, I think you need to find someone to spell you looking after Mr. Cranky. I don't know how you do it.

Tink, glad to hear that you are finally getting some rain down there but I know what you mean by storms! We are having our share too.

MariBy said...

I caught up on your blog yesterday Snowbird...but have only had time to come back and comment today.

I LOVE your ruby glass! It's beautiful! Even though you are 'downsizing' - it's so right that you keep your precious collectibles displayed and especially your ruby glass! It is stunning...I can see why you collect it.

MariBy said...

Oh...I just had to hop back on to say...seeing how a lot of your collectibles are displayed...I take it that you are not in earthquake country - like I am! lol.

I guess in different places we all have our forces of Mother Nature to contend with. Whether it's thunderstorms (and sometimes hurricanes) - or tornados - or earthquakes....