Monday, June 30, 2008

My Weekend in Pictures

The weekend started with a Friday night Barbecue and concert. We met Alex at the dinner then proceeded to the concert where we helped sell his CD's. This is what a teenager does during a Celtic concert when he is bored.

This is my beautiful friend, Jan, who I wore the pink bracelet for last year. She is with her hubby and daughter.

Here are the 4 Scotsmen from Crieff. One of these is the father of Ewan McGregor. Wish I could read their nametags to figure out which one is the guy.

Here we are with Alex. Since he had a couple of other friends also selling his CD's, we were free to wander the grounds and see other things.

In our journeys around the grounds, we found Danny the Clydesdale. He and his buddy, Diamond, both sported red hats. Don't you love it?

They also had some "Heeland Coos" or "Hairy Coos" or in Americanese--Highland Cows. Here I am petting one of them.

We then wandered over to the Clan Area and visited our booth--Clan Montgomery. Here is Mr. Snowbird with President Hugh Montgomery.

This is Clan Montgomery's president, Hugh Montgomery, with his wife Karen. They always have a fantastic booth with lots of things to look at. While we were there some kids were having a ball trying on armor, playing with swords (toy of course) and chasing bubbles from the bubble machine.

After stopping by the dance building, looking at a few vintage motorcycles and cars made in the UK, watching a pipe band march by and looking at all of the vendor booths, we wandered back to Alex's booth. This was the nametag they made for him this weekend. He LOVED it.

Here are Alex and Mr. Snowbird clowning around a bit.

Here is Alex with Sister Mary Assumpta. She is just adorable.

Alex--up close and personal singing one of his more serious songs.

We left the games, drove to our son's house to change clothes, then headed to Erin's playoff game. We set up our chairs and then this happened!!!

Here is our son who is one of the assistant coaches with a drenched team. Since the downpour only lasted a couple of minutes, the coaches managed to get the field back in shape and get the game underway.

Here is Erin at bat. I believe she walked on this "at bat" but she did get a single another time. The pitching from the other team wasn't the greatest so she didn't get a lot of pitches she could try to hit. There were a lot of walks during the game. Erin also made a heck of a play when she was playing shortstop. Her team won by quite a lot and were supposed to play in the championship game that night. Due to weather and some scheduling problems with the other team, the game was moved to tonight so we won't get to see it. Erin was also one of 4 chosen from her team to be on the All Star team which plays Tuesday night. She definitely is our little athlete.

Here is how Erin practices! She even got Grandma up playing Wii. I did pretty good in bowling and I loved playing with the Wii. Great exercise but unfortunately I managed to mess up an already bad knee playing baseball with her. Can you believe it??

Last but not least, here are Erin and Sam playing Super Mario racing on the Wii. We had a great weekend despite threats of severe weather most of the time. I took lots more pictures but I think I've bored you enough!!


gpc said...

Looks like fun, and the cow made me laugh. I am not scottish, but when I was a kid, my favorite story was 'the wee wee mannie and the big big coo.' It was so charming that I used for a high school competition and loved the way those bored teen faces suddenly turned into little kids at story time. I'll have to try to find a copy of that story again!

The Farmer Files said...

you have to try wii brain academy. It's my favorite...and it doesn't require knees.

MariBy said...

What a great weekend! I liked it all from your friend Alex Beaton to Mr. Snowbird at the Clan Montgomery table to Erin's baseball game. That was great! Well done!

Tink *~*~* said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend. That downpour? Yeah, that's what you're missing down here every afternoon :D

Tink *~*~*

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Wow, I am WAY behind on my blog reading! It's so nice to see all the pictures from David's especially. Makes me miss being around so much.

Is it just me or did Erin just shoot up about 6 inches taller??

Miss you guys!