Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meeting the Not So Rich and Famous

Guess who I met today? Guess who is a big fan of Alex Beaton's? Nope, not Ewan McGregor's father. Sister Mary Assumpta. Ok, most of you are probably asking who the heck is Sister Mary Assumpta. If you are a Cleveland Indians fan, you would know. If you live anywhere near Cleveland, you would know. Or if you have seen the movie, Major League, you would know. Sister Mary Assumpta(you've got to go read this link!!) is probably one of the biggest Indians fans going. She is actually pretty famous and even has her own baseball card. Anyway, she and another sister were at the games today and Alex introduced me to her. What a delightful lady. I did get a picture of her and Alex together which I will post when I get home and can download my pictures.

I'll post more tomorrow about the games, the weather, and Erin's tournament.


MariBy said...

Hey! I just read that whole site on Sister Mary Assumpta - what an interesting person! That was great!

Thanks Snowbird! :D