Monday, June 23, 2008

Get Those Mammograms Girls

Last November I wrote a post about Pink Bracelets. I was wearing one for a friend of mine who was going through Chemo for breast cancer.

I have faithfully gotten a yearly Mammogram for as long as I can remember. Once, a long time ago, I had to return for an additional visit because of a suspicious shadow on the film. It turned out to be nothing.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my yearly mammogram. Two days later, I got a call from my doctor's office saying that I needed to return for another mammogram and an ultrasound. Even though I have had cancer twice now, Uterine and Melanoma--both Stage 1, I wasn't too concerned. I had felt nothing during breast exams and I have scar tissue under my arm from where lymph nodes were removed during my Melanoma surgery. I thought maybe that was the problem.

Since I was going on vacation, I made the appointment for this morning. I, of course, was a wee bit apprehensive when I arrived this morning especially when the technician said that the suspicious area was near my nipple, not under my arm as I had expected. So, again, I endured about 4 different views. She said that she would develop the films and immediately take them across the hall to the doctor and then return to give me the results. No waiting for several days. And, if needs be, then I would have an Ultra Sound. So, I waited--only about 10 minutes. She came back and had me come back into the room. She looked very serious and I of course, thought the worse. BUT---she said that the doctor found nothing suspicious and I was to return in a year. Whew!! All the way home, I uttered a lot of thank you prayers.

So, gals, if you don't get a mammogram yearly, get at it. Yeah, I know, it pinches and hurts a bit, but that's nothing compared to what my friend went through with the Mastectomy and the 4 months of chemo. And, I don't want to have to wear a Pink Bracelet again for any of you gals.


MariBy said...

I'm sorry that you had a few anxious moments, but really glad that they gave you the good news as soon as possible.

Also, many thanks for the PSA reminder.

Neptunesmuse said...

Great news about there being nothing to worry about.
Go have fun on vacation!!!

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh, gosh, you had me worried there. But then I guess if it had been bad you would have told me. I wouldn't have to hear about it on your blog.



You are going on vacation again? You just got BACK from vacation! Dang, I wanna be retired. You actually GET the vacation from the vacation that everyone wishes for.

The Farmer Files said...

thanks for sharing such a personal event...glad everything is ok!