Friday, April 04, 2008

This and That

OK, so I haven't written for a few days. I've been busy. I've been relaxing. I've been lazy. Take your pick.

Dave, Sam and Erin left Tuesday night from the Punta Gorda Airport--probably the tiniest airport in existence! Even so, their tickets told them to get there 2 hours early. The kids decided they wanted their last meal to be at Schnappers-a great hotdog, burger, pizza, you name it--take out place on Sanibel. Yummy food. We ate, went back home for them to change into their winter togs, and headed for the airport which is about an hour's drive. We got there about 2 1/2 hours early. Dave went to check in and found that his suitcase was 10 pounds too heavy. Apparently some wet clothes, shoes, and Sam's X Box added a bit of weight. So they did some creative re-packing. The X Box, controllers, games, etc went in Sam's carry on. And whatever he had in his bag went in the big bag. They figured they might get checked at Security but they couldn't help it. And sure enough, they pulled Sam's bag out, opened it up, took out the X Box and ran it through xray. They finally decided that he wasn't a miniature terrorist, just an avid game player. Then they checked Erin's bag and opened it up looking for something. I have no idea what but they finally let her go through. Dave had no problem since he only had his computer. Anyway, the last we saw of them, they were headed to the tiny waiting room in the tiny airport to wait 2 hours to board their plane. Last I heard, they made it home safe and sound. We had a great visit with them. The kids were not looking forward to going back to school. They have been coming to Sanibel since they were infants and look on this as their second (or third if you count their other grandma's) home.

I've been watching the scale a lot this winter and I've noticed that it has steadily gone up since I arrived here last October. Could it be eating out too much? Could it be that it is only a few steps from the computer to the fridge? Could it be that we haven't been doing any exercising whatsoever? So Wednesday morning I decided enough was enough! It was time to start walking again. Afterall, we have a beautiful beach to walk on. Granted it has been very crowded lately since half the world has discovered Sanibel and tend to flock here by the droves in the winter. But crowded or not, we went walking. There are mile markers on the beach which makes it handy to see how far you have walked. Lucky because my pedometer gave up the ghost! Anyway, we walked a mile and a half up the beach towards the lighthouse. That means that we have to walk a mile and a half back, right?? My back was grumbling a bit when I got home but I made it. Yesterday, same 3 miles. Back grumbled but not too bad. Today, I decided I wanted to see more of the nature around here so we walked down Bailey Road to Bay Road. Bay Road goes through the Mangroves. Lots of wildlife--Ospreys, Marsh Rabbits, Ducks, Piliated Woodpeckers, Boattail Grackels, etc. Since we were walking on pavement instead of sand, it was my legs that started hurting today. But we managed 3 miles again. And did I mention that it is in the 80's here with HIGH humidity. And did I mention that the very thought of humidity makes me sweat--oops sorry--perspire. Profusely!! So, I was a sopping puddle when I got back home. I've been cutting out snacks, no sweets, drinking lots of liquids, eating lots of veggies and fruits. And guess what? I stepped on the scale---and---I haven't lost an ounce since Wednesday morning! Grrrr. I know, I know--stick with it. I will but I sure would like to see that scale drop a few pounds.

So, there you have it. As you can see, we have been doing this and that this week.


gpc said...

Lucky little dove! I love Sanibel all times of year but I confess that I don't envy you as much when it is hot an humid. (which reminds me of an event from college: I was visiting a boyfriend's home in virginia and said, after volleyball, that I was "sweaty." His mother corrected me, saying "sweetheart, ladies "dew."" "Really?" I responded. "Where I come from, ladies DON'T" That memory still cracks me up, but my smart mouth might also be why I am not part of that sweet virginia family today!

Snowbird said...

OMG, Gail, that is hysterical. I doubt if I will ever hear "Ladies Dew" but if I do I will definitely remember your come back.

Neptunesmuse said...

Walking doesn't count as exercise if you are stopping to pick up shells. I wouldn't be able to walk that section of the beach without stopping & picking up shells.