Thursday, April 10, 2008

What To Write When You Can't Think Of Anything To Write About

This has been kind of a lazy week. Monday morning, Diana and her friends, Kitty and Vicki who are visiting from Louisville, picked me up and we went to the beach. That afternoon, I did laundry. Since I don't have a washer or dryer, this means hauling it down to the laundry room, hoping to find some free washers and then fighting for a dryer or two. Monday evening we went on a boat cruise on Tarpon Bay with Diana, Steve, Kitty and Vicki. This was pretty much the same trip we took a couple of weeks ago except that it was just before sunset and all of the birds were returning to the rookery islands out in the Bay. Pretty neat. We then went for dinner at Jerry's which is a really great restaurant and the most inexpensive one on the island. Great food, great service and great prices. Where else can you get a $2.00 glass of Cabernet?

Tuesday morning we went to Rounds at CROW and had breakfast at Jerry's. Again, great food, great service and great prices. We were VERTS on Tuesday afternoon and drove about 100 hours going to Lehigh for a mama Opossum and her 5 babies, to Miracle Mile in Ft. Myers to drop off a couple of cages, and to Kindness East on Cape Coral to drop off some cages and pick up a baby Grackle. We dropped our charges off at CROW, headed home, changed clothes and headed to the Community Center. Tuesday night was the CROW Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Diana and I were both on the committee although all I really did was pass out Volunteer shirts. Diana did a lot more work and even roped Kitty and Vicki into helping. We all sat together at the dinner along with Dr. Amber, Robyn Johnson who used to work at CROW but went back to people nursing and Cathy, another friend of ours from CROW. Robyn was the recipient of the 2nd Annual Staff Award. She worked there for about 10 years and is missed every single day!! Each of the volunteers received, along with the thanks, a Volunteer T shirt, a video of some patients which Dr. Amber filmed a couple of years ago, a jar of candy and some artificial roses with a not saying "Volunteers are unpaid. Not because they are worthless but because they are priceless." They also had a raffle and I won a bottle of wine. Yum! The band was great. I really wanted to dance but no one else was so I'm not about to be the only one!

Yesterday, I cleaned out closets getting rid of things I haven't worn in a year--and making room for any goodies which I might want to add to my wardrobe:) And of course I enjoyed my deck and all of the critters coming and going--mostly fish and turtles. But the snake was back as was the little Cardinal.

Today was my six month trip to my dermatologist. It was just a year ago that I had a malignant skin cancer removed from my shoulder. This means every six months I get a chest xray and trot off to see my dermatologist and oncologist. I was all clear today!! Yay!! I have a huge 10 inch long zig zag scar on my shoulder since my surgery last year but as Dr. Harris said today, "It is better to have a big scar and be alive than to have no scar and be dead." I couldn't agree with him more!!!

Starting tomorrow my life will pretty much revolve around CROW. Tomorrow, we pick up bins at Annie's. Saturday afternoon, I feed baby birds and work in the clinic. Sunday, is CROW's Taste of the Islands. I'm working the CROW Gift Shop Booth and Mr. Snowbird is working in the adult beverage tent serving up beer and margaritas. Monday, we are subbing and picking up bins again. Tuesday, we go to rounds and are VERTs. And Wednesday, we are working in the Gift Shop. Of course Friday we pick up bins and Saturday it's back to baby birds. So, I guess for the next few days, my life belongs to CROW.

I started this out saying it has been a lazy week but when I look back I guess it hasn't been so lazy and obviously the week ahead won't be lazy at all.


Shama-Lama Mama said...

I'm in the same kind of place when it comes to purging. As I unpack from the move, I have been making boxes of stuff to dump or giveaway.

We saw a mama hummingbird in our lemon blossoms with her baby today!! I had never seen a baby hummingbird before. It was about the size of one of those big fat bumblebees. Soooo cute!

Great talking to you both today. Lets do it more often!

BOSC said...

Wonderful news and congrats on the drs. report!