Friday, August 08, 2008

Google Silliness

Yesterday on Tink's blog--ya know,the one who tagged me--she had another meme that really looked fun. I'm not into the whole meme thing,usually, but this one drew my attention. And since there isn't a whole lot going on around here today (except for Concrete Guy pouring our new backporch and steps), I thought I would try this Google Silliness out on you.

All you have to do is Google your first name with the word "needs" after it, and post the first 10 results. Of course, you can add comments to each of your "needs" which makes it all the funnier--at least I think it does. So here goes.

1. Nancy needs to learn what the moon is.OK, so now you know what my real name is. Did you really think I was born with the lovely name of Snowbird? Anyway, back to my needs. I think I've known what the moon is for many many years now. It's that big round think up in the sky that's made out of cheese, right?
2. Nancy needs jail time!!! OK, just what did I do that prompted this harsh action?
3. Nancy needs to stay here, take responsibility, and face the consequences of her actions. Hey, I'm all for taking responsibility for my actions--if I knew what they were. Maybe it was something I did when I had a wee bit too much of the adult beverages.
4. Nancy needs to quit dying her hair. I will have you know that I have only dyed my hair once and that was for a play in college and my hair turned green and I couldn't get it out for weeks and I learned my lesson and I never, ever did it again. So, here I am 70 years old and still have blond hair. My hairdresser is absolutely amazed everytime I go to her.
5. Nancy needs her own personal Boeing 757.Oh yeah, baby. And a pilot and crew to go with it. And add in an unlimited supply of fuel while you're at it.
6. Nancy needs some help. Well, now, I think that's pretty obvious.
7. Nancy needs to find the stairs in Mattie Jensen's apartment. If I knew Mattie Jensen, I would think I could find her stairs, don't you. Anybody out there know good old Mattie?
8. Nancy Needs Training Wheels. Hey, when you ride a three wheeled adult tricycle, you have built in training wheels. Just kidding. I haven't gotten that old and arthritic yet thank you very much.
9. Nancy needs some vino. Need I say more???
10. Nancy needs Your hand guiding her through. And can't we all? Even though I'm not a church goer anymore, I still believe that the man upstairs looks after me and takes care of me everyday.

So--that's it with Nancy needs. I think I need to give a lot of thanks here to Nancy Pelosi and Nancy Drew. Without them, this post wouldn't have been possible!

And, no, I'm not tagging anyone. Just go try it yourself. It's a lot of fun.


ChrisC and JonJ said...

How fun.I am going to try it,tomorow.And I loved Nancy Drew when I was a ummm younger.

Mare said...

Hi, Snowbird...ummm, Nancy! ;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I don't think Tink realized there would be so much socializing going on when she went on that tagging spree-LOL!

Can't wait to carve out a block of time and read about all that volunteering that you do!

Oh, and I'm so sorry, but I don't know Mattie Jensen. ;)

Gayle said...

Your needs were much better than my needs. Nancy's must have more fun than Gayle's!

MariBy said...

Well, if you can do this without tagging - so will I!

And, I never would've guessed that your name was Nancy. I know a Nancy in RL - and would hazard a guess that you've been called 'Fancy Nancy' more than a couple of times in your life! LOL!