Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday-Ouch!

Need I say more???

I know you are all busy checking out everyone's Wordless Wednesday but take the time to bookmark me and drop back to check out my blog. I am a retired Special Ed teacher who now spends most of her time on Sanibel Island, Florida volunteering for a Wildlife hospital rescuing and rehabbing wildlife. I even dumpster dive for injured Raccoons!! I am also the proud grandma of 5 wonderful grandkids and brag about them often!! I also have a blog called Branches and Roots where I talk about genealogy and my ancestors. OK, enough about me. Back to Wordless Wednesday.

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Solvarm said...


No you don´t.

Nice picture and wordless too :))

By, Irene in Göteborg Sweden

Tink *~*~* said...

I cannot look at gator/croc teeth any more without thinking of GERMS. I saw something on the Discovery Channel a couple of years ago that featured the woman from Sanibel who was a gardener and lost her life to an alligator attack. The program stressed that it is often infection from the bacteria in the pond water or in the gator's mouth that is the real cause of death.

Tink *~*~*

Alexis Jacobs said...

Great shot! I have added you to my blog reader. Happy ww!

Raven said...

Ouch indeed!

gpc said...

Love the photo, perhaps he is singing to you? Every girl's dream, I think not.

Tink, you should read Charles Sobczak's "Alligators, Sharks & Panthers: Deadly Encounters with Florida's Top Predator - Man," if you haven't already. He has a whole section on Sanibel alligators. I always respected them but he opened my eyes to many things. You're right about the bacteria, but the gaters do a pretty thorough job themselves.

And of course people are often the biggest problem. Just a few weeks before Janie Melsek was killed, I saw one particular huge alligator several times at shopping centers paying close attention to people - and I saw people let their kids run past him. We called the police each time but they said it wasn't bothering anyone. I've always assumed he was the killer, since he was often within ditch distance of her house. But instead of being more serious about nuisance gaters, people suddenly wanted to kill them all, and pretty nearly did. Okay, off soapbox. But I do recommend the book. Not the best written I've ever read, but full of interesting information.

And I love the picture.

Munchkin Mommy said...

ouch and really scary, too! hee hee. :)

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MariBy said...