Saturday, August 09, 2008

Let The Games Begin

Wow, did anybody watch the Olympics Opening Ceremonies last night? I was GLUED to the TV for 4 1/2 hours! China totally outdid everybody when it came to putting on a show. I would hate to be any country who has to follow in their footsteps. Those were the most amazing, fantastic, spectacular, gorgeous, mindboggling (and lots of other superlatives) Opening Ceremonies I have ever seen! And where else but in the land of fireworks, would you see such a magnificent display of pyrotechnics--over and over again?

Then came the Parade of Athletes. I swear, I have never, ever heard of half of those countries. But they all looked proud and so excited to be there. I just think it is sad that the athletes had to miss out on the Opening Ceremonies. I'm sure that they were televised wherever they were but still. And that so many of the athletes (swimmers and gymnasts to name a few) had to miss the Parade because their events were today. And how about Yao Ming carrying the flag for China with the tiny little 9 year old earthquake survivor walking beside him? Or Yao holding the little one so he could see what what going on?

And how about the way they lit the torch. The poor guy must have been exhausted from walking on air when he finally made it around the stadium to the torch. Again, amazing.

So, I'm pumped. I will be a TV junkie for the next couple of weeks watching as much as I can and will have a horrible case of withdrawal when it is over!

Now, if the terrorists and politicians can just let the athletes do what they came to do. And wouldn't it be wonderful if the terrorists and politicians could take a lesson from the athletes? They showed pictures last night of athletes from different countries meeting, greeting and taking pictures with each other on friendly ground. Unfortunately there has already been a very sad event where a Chinese man attacked 2 American relatives of one of the indoor volleyball coach's. One of the relatives was killed. We can only hope and pray that this is the last such event.

Anyway, Let The Games Begin and may the best men and women win! And yeah, I hope the US gets their fare share of gold, silver and bronze!

Oh and as for the daily medal count --just google Olympics.

Olympic medal count

Gold Silver Bronze Total
1. China
2 0 0 2
2. United States
1 1 1 3
3. South Korea
1 1 0 2

(3 medals in women's fencing. Way to go women!!)


gpc said...

I love the Olympics, I love the courage and pride and beauty of it all. The opening ceremonies were amazing, I sat with my mouth wide open through most of it. I fell asleep before the end of the parade of athletes unfortunately, which was sad because I wanted to see China finish the parade. There are also things I did NOT like. I did not like seeing our president sprawled across his chair looking openly bored like some ol' ill bred bubba down on the ranch. I did not like hearing him criticize china when he is the one who approved, for our first time ever, torture of american-held prisoners, and when, at his direction, protests in this country are now restricted so that there is no chance that anyone in the white house will have to drive by them, also for the first time ever. I do not like having him say rude things to his host country and sit in judgment and make a hypocrite out of this country. I would much rather that we were living up the ideals he pretends to represent. But I love those athletes, especially the swimmers who train without a pool and the other athletes who try to represent their countries against all odds. And I fall in love every time with the hopeful people I heard interviewed who hope we will understand them better after this year's games.

Tink *~*~* said...

Yep, it was the best opening ceremonies I've ever seen! The entire city of Beijing was setting off fireworks at the end, or so it seemed. Loved the ENTIRE ceremony - awesome!

Watching men's gymnastics at the moment...

Tink *~*~*