Sunday, August 03, 2008

Photos From Our Trip to the San Diego Zoo

Just an update on being sidelined. I still look like a Chipmunk and am still sleeping most of the time but the antibiotics seem to be taking affect--thank goodness. I'm eating a little more even though it still hurts to swallow. Not the best way in the world to lose weight.

Anyway, on to the photos! All of us, minus Michael, went to the San Diego Zoo. We became members there last summer and we hit the zoo or the Wild Animal Park or both each time we are in SD. This trip was no exception. I did take lots of animal pictures but I think I like my family shots better so will bore you with lots of kid and grandkid shots this time. OK?

It's hard to get both of the twins in one shot unless they are contained in the stroller. Here they are just before we entered the zoo.

Here is Ethan gazing at the Rhino.

Ok, so I am including some animal shots. I love the Koalas. Rarely do I ever see one awake. We just happened to catch this guy eating--and getting drunk, I might add. I've heard that they are always high because they eat Eucalyptus. Don't know if that's true or not, but just thought I would throw that in.

And that is precisely why you always see them asleep.

Here is Noah getting a little Mommy Love. Like the Koalas, he decided to take a nap too.

My next favorite animal next to the Koalas are the Meercats. They are so cute and this couple had some babies.

I wonder if this young lady knows just how lucky she is getting to spend time with the Meercats?

Here is Ethan getting a little Mommy Love too. Don't ya just love that little smile of his?

Here are my oldest and my youngest grandsons.

Here is Luka yelling, "Monkey, Monkey!!"

Here is Noah, still napping.

Here are the little ones watching the fish in the hippo tank.

This is one confused animal. He looks like a cross between a zebra and I don't know what else.

Here I am with Ethan on the Sky Ride. We couldn't all go in one car so Sam, who is taking the picture, rode with me and I took one twin while Karen took Noah (who finally woke up) and the other twin.

Here is Mommy with her boys. Notice that Noah kind of wandered off to the side. I'm sure the little ones would have too if she didn't have them firmly in hand.

I do like the turtles. This is a close up of one of the Galapagos turtles. They are HUGE!

We did get to the Kid's Zoo which is adorable. Here are Karen and the boys feeding the goats. Noah discovered that he could pick up straw on the ground and feed the goats. By the time we left, every other kid there was doing the same thing.

I think this big smile kind of sums up our day at the zoo. Except for the fact that Noah's favorite animal, The Poison Dart Frog, was in hiding. Oh, well maybe next time.


MariBy said...

Oh yes...Noah's favorite would have to be the poison dart frog. lol.

I love the San Diego Zoo. I think it is the best zoo that I've ever been to.

Your grandsons are all so precious. :)

gpc said...

Nice pictures, sweet family. But what IS that poor zebra mutant?!

Gayle said...

It looks like a cross between a moose and a zebra. Very entertaining photos. Thanks!

Dianne said...

wonderful, happy family (and critter) photos!