Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Photos From Our Trip To Old Town

The day we went to Old Town, we also took the Harbor Cruise. I got lots of pictures from the cruise but it was so cloudy and overcast, they didn't really turn out well, so I will just post pictures from Old Town. I really enjoy Old Town. It's fun to walk through the old shops as well as the stores. Or just stopping for a tasty adult beverage (which contains tequila).

Told you I was obsessed with how low the planes come in over the city.

Sam and I were also interested in some of the strange trees they have there. We saw some others that were even stranger but never had the camera handy. Ok, actually these weren't growing out of the roof tiles either.

Sam, Karen, Mr. Snowbird and especially Noah getting a lesson from the sailing captain.

Looking down the street of Old Town.

This was probably the most popular store in the village. The Candy Store of course. Who can resist salt water taffy and penny candy--which is a LOT more than a penny now!

I do love Bougainvilla and thought this was such a beautiful shot.

We saw three little guys who had their faces painted like this. I know that my daughter can tell you all about what they were made up to be but I have no idea. I just thought they were neat.

I thought this was hysterical. It reminded me of when my mother would hang my dad's long johns out on the line in the winter and they would freeze. No kidding. Of course my dad wore white long johns, not pink ones.

Last time we went to Old Town, we happened on this restaurant after we had eaten and vowed to come back some time. So this year we decided to eat there. We stood in line for about a half hour to get in but it was well worth it. Food and service were both great.

Here are Ethan and Mommy at dinner. Thank goodness for crayons and paper to draw on!

And here we are with those aforementioned tequila adult beverages. Oh, were they good! And so we say goodbye to Old Town.


Shama-Lama Mama said...

I am actually not sure why the boys were painted up like that. If it were October I would say it was for Day of the Dead.

But I can tell you about those plants! Its American Agave or the Century Plant. Those shoots coming up above the root is actually the flower, and the plant will die after the flower withers. I had one outside my apartment once, and you could see it grow about 8 inches every day. It was high above our two story apartment by the time it bloomed and died.

They make mezcal from that plant. You know... the adult beverage?