Thursday, August 07, 2008

Playing Tag

I have finally been tagged in the Blogger World of Tag. Tink from My Mobile Adventures has tagged me with the BLOGGING FRIENDS FOREVER GOLD CARD (aka BFF Gold Card). Wow! When I got into blogging, I started it mainly for my family and friends. I never dreamed that I would get a whole new circle of friends. I had "met" Tink through the Best of Sanibel/Captiva Message Board and through that she found my blog and of course, introduced me to hers. You need to pop over to her blog and read all about her adventures in the land of Mickey, her trips to Sanibel, and all of her other mobile adventures.

So, it seems that the rules for this prestigious award state:
1. You have to tag 5 people.
2. 4 of the 5 have to be dedicated followers to your blog.
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and must live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whomever gave you the award.

So, after reading the rules and going through my list of dedicated followers-some more so that others (LOL), I have come up with the following list.

#1. Karen at Shama-Lama Mama. OK, I'll admit it. She is my daughter and my most dedicated follower. And she has a great blog. She talks about life in San Diego as a wife and the mother of 3 of my grandsons. Noah is 5 1/2 and the twins, Ethan and Luka, are 2 1/2. And trust me, they keep her hopping. How she has time to blog I will never know. And she is a great photographer. She had better be. We paid for her college education so she could become one! LOL. If you haven't checked out her blog, hop over and check her out. So, Karen, you have been tagged.
#2. Gail at Shedding the Wolf. I also discovered Gail through the BOSC message board then discovered her blog and put two and two together that Sandpail Gail and GPC were one and the same. Gail is another of my dedicated followers and always leaves very insightful comments. Gail lives in Michigan and is a grandma, just like me. Gail says in her bio, "My life is good, and I want to be sure that a good life is available for my grandchildren when they grow up." So Gail decided to "Go Green". Most of her posts on her blog show how she is doing this. I do envy her for what she has done and want to be like her when I grow up. Ok, Gail, this is what you get for following my blog. LOL.
#3. The Farmer Files. I am a LOST fan and stumbled on to this blog when searching for blogs located in Hawaii. I started following her blog and then she began following mine. She is the mom of 2 young boys who are adorable. I have loved reading about her life in Hawaii and also about her stint as an extra on LOST. But she will soon be leaving Hawaii and moving back to San Diego. I will definitely miss her adventures in Paradise but am looking forward to more of her adventures in SD. So FF, this is the thanks you get for following my blog.
#4. Mariby on the Learning Curve. Mariby came to me and I found her blog through Tink. I always love and appreciate Mariby's comments on my posts. I am a real sucker for her photos on her blog. She lives in the northwest and has such a beautiful "backyard" in which to take pictures. You just have to jump on over there and check out the most beautiful scenery you will ever hope to see. And her flower pictures are spectacular. So, Mariby, thanks for reading my blog and you've been tagged!
#5. For my newer reader (although she doesn't live all that far away) I have chosen Raven at Views from a Raven's Nest. I can't quite remember how I found Raven. I think it was through a Wordless Wednesday or a Ruby Tuesday. I posted a comment and because of that, she found my blog. In her bio, Raven says "I'm 61 years old going on eight. I'm agoraphobic, permanently disabled. I live an odd life, but a relatively happy one. I have two cats. Angel - who is as sweet as an angel and as naughty as a devil, and Tara Grace who is sweet and gentle with the voice of a long shoreman." Even though Raven never leaves her house, she writes the most beautiful poetry and takes the most amazing photos through her windows. Raven, thanks for sharing your view of the world with me.

So, it's been fun tagging y'all. Hope you enjoy your BFF Gold Card. So, get out there and share the wealth!! Happy Blogging.


The Farmer Files said...

Ohhh many Mahalos! I am so touched! I totally love following you...

I have to think long and hard who I am giving these awards too!!!


Snowbird said...

FF, you are more than welcome. And I love your blog too. I guess that makes us an Mutual Admiration Society. Hugs to you too.

Snowbird said...

Oops. I meant A--not an--Mutual Admiration Society. I need to proofread better! After all, I are a college graduate! Hee Hee

gpc said...

I am honored - thank you! I have discovered so many other blogs through you and Karen, and I enjoy your insights and stories - you have both become special to me because of your obviously open hearts.

Snowbird said...

Gail, you are most welcome. I feel that we actually know each other. Maybe one of these days, we could actually meet when you are on Sanibel.

Tink *~*~* said...


Thanks, I had not been to The Farmer Files before. Glad everyone is enjoying their gold cards!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*