Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael

On August 5, 2000, my daughter married the man of her dreams. And if I had to go out and choose a son in law of my dreams--he would be it! We first met Michael when he showed up on our front porch, unannounced, and said that he was a friend of Karen's. Luckily in a phone call from California a few days earlier, she had mentioned that she had met this really nice guy who wanted to be a doctor. She had no idea that he was stopping in Findlay to meet us. He was just passing through on the way to the Cleveland area to check out some medical schools and decided to stop in and introduce himself. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Michael is a great daddy. And unlike most daddies he has actually delivered all three of his children. Noah was the first baby that he delivered. Michael was a resident so Karen's doctor was standing by but when the time came, Michael stepped in. How cool is that? And of course when the time came for the twins to be born, he again was there to deliver them.

So, Michael--thank you for being the man of our daughter's dreams, for being the best son in law one could ask for, for being the guy who not only delivered our grandkids but is the best daddy going, for being Dr. Mike on the few occasions that we have needed you, and for just being you. Happy Birthday and may you enjoy many, many more.

Nan--Chuck too.


Gayle said...

It seems your daughter has been blessed to have such a great life-partner. Lucky for you, too! :) Nice birthday post.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

I HAVE been blessed. And thanks to YOU, Mom, for writing the post I don't have time to write today! lol

Happy Birthday, Michael!

gpc said...

What a great family photo - you all look wonderful! And love the picture of karen and michael - they make such a sweet couple. I am so happy for you all.

Anonymous said...

Awe, what a nice son-in-law you have. I loved the photos and your birthday post.


Jeanne said...

That was so sweet, it brought a tear! You REALLY have a lot of birthdays! I've enjoyed reading them.