Sunday, March 29, 2009

Old People Can Have Fun

Obviously when you live in SW Florida, you are living in the Land of Old People! Now mind you, I do NOT consider myself part of this group. But, I do live in a trailer park where the average age is probably 75!!. And yes, old people can have fun.

Once or twice a year, our street has a block party. Everyone gathers with a chair, a dish to pass, and of course your adult beverage of choice.

And boy, do we eat!!We have several musicians on our street so we always have a great sing along.
We even have those that know the gestures that go along with "The Unicorn".

The owner of the park brought his two grandkids over to join in the fun. And boy did they. They went around asking the old folks to dance with them.

So, you see, it really isn't so bad living in the Land of Old People.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

It looks like lots of fun, regardless of ones age!! Why does age play a role anyway??

Lots of yummy looking eats, too! Can I come next time?

Jeanne said...

HOW CUTE! Age is just a number ;)

Gayle said...

The "Land of the Old People" looks like a blast. I would so be into all those things. Glad you had a great time!

Neptunesmuse said...

Looks like Mr. Snowbird is getting a tan this year!!!
Looks like fun.