Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pub Crawling Sanibel Style

So, the Sanibel Crawlers met and crawled today. We were joined by our friend, Bob, from Michigan. The Crawl consisted of Tink, Tootie, Gary, Cheryl aka Sanibel Lover, Tony aka Mr. Lover, "Chuch" aka Mr. Snowbird, Bob and me aka Snowbird. We met at Biddles for lunch and adult beverages.

OK, so this isn't the best picture of everyone and Tony aka Mr. Lover, was off playing video games. And of course, I'm taking the picture, so I'm not included in the group picture.
We had good food, good adult beverages and good company.
After we filled our tummies we moved on to the Sanibel Grill for more adult beverages and some calorie filled desserts (which I neglected to get pictures of.) It was waaaayyyy tooooooo cold and windy to Pool Bar Crawl today.

Of course when Tink is along, she is mobile blogging so I have to come home and check into her blog to find out what we have been doing all afternoon!Our friend, Gail aka Sandpail Gail, sent the ladies necklaces which we all opened and wore today. She made the right choice for all of us--a turtle for Tootie, a seahorse for Cheryl, Tinkerbell for Tink and an owl for me. Thank you Gail. We missed you and wished you were here to crawl with us.

We all had a great time even though a couple of us were still a little hung over from last night--I'm not naming names but some people (not the Snowbirds) did a little too much karaokeing (is there such a word) last night. You know who you are!! Hee hee.


Tootie said...

Your coverage of the afternoon wins the blue ribbon for today. :-)

maryt said...

rather be with you and Tink than up here! :)

MariBy said...

It's wonderful to have such friends to spend a Sunday with...glad you all had a good time!


gail said...

Sound like it was a good day to crawl, what a lovely way to stay warm! I hope your friend Bob had a good time, too, on his escape from the Michigan winter!

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh, Gail, how sweet! I could use a ladies night out. Why don't you all come over to San Diego for a night??