Sunday, July 13, 2008

And So It Begins

We had thought that the contractor was busy until August--which was fine since we are leaving for San Diego on the 19th and won't be back home until the 30th. Then we are taking off a couple of days later for the weekend. (Highland Games in Detroit). But, he called yesterday and said he was starting tomorrow!!! He promised he would be done by Friday. I hope he has a BIG crew! So, I guess I will be trying to get ready to go on vacation with madness going on around me.

I appreciated everyone's comments on the post before this one offering up advice about what we should do. I didn't mention our family room which is also wallpapered. The paper is starting to come off so I think we need to address that too. Right now, we are going to do what I had mentioned before--living room, laundry room, bedrooms, trim etc. But, we are hoping we can get this guy back in August and attack the kitchen, family room and possibly get rid of the red carpet. Mariby had suggested that we re-finished our hardwood floors. Mr. Snowbird was very receptive to that idea. It would mean getting some rugs though. I go barefoot all the time and I'm not sure my tootsies will welcome a hard floor instead of fluffy carpeting.

I've also been on the computer practically 24 hours a day for the last 3 days. I have been putting my family trees on I have done my dad's line--which goes back forever, Mr. Snowbirds natural father's line, and his natural mother's line. Next I have to do his adoptive line as well as my mother's line. The last one will take forever as I swear I have practically gotten a couple of her lines back to Adam and Eve!!! It has taken a lot of time but I'm really enjoying doing it. You can post pictures and everything.

Anyway, hopefully I can post some pictures of our re-modeling and hopefully it won't be nearly as traumatic as the Florida Room remodel was. Wish us luck.


MariBy said...

I am glad you are thinking about refinishing the hardwood floors. Hardwood is very 'in' right now.

Friends of mine pulled up their old carpet and had their floors refinished. Really didn't cost all that much...but what a difference!

Dianne said...

I have all hardwood floors and I love to be barefoot. I've come to really enjoy the feel the cool floor under my toes ;)

and being without rugs keeps the house so much cleaner and the air seems fresher.

good luck - hope it all gets done in time for your trip. breathe deeply a lot :)

Neptunesmuse said...

The neutral colors sound good. My house is full of seashore colors, but I don't plan on moving any time soon:-)
Hopefully your contractors will finish on time and not delay your trip to CA.
Good luck!!!