Monday, July 28, 2008

San Diego-Days 8 & 9

All the days seem to be running together! It's hard to keep track of what days we did what.

On Saturday, Karen, Noah, Sam, Mr. Snowbird and I went on a 2 hour harbor cruise. No, it wasn't a 3 hour cruise and no, we didn't see Gilligan, the Professor or Mary Ann. Just a plain old 2 hour cruise. Very nice and very relaxing. After we got done with the tour, we headed to Old Towne and walked around a bit. Then we met Michael and the twins for dinner in a Mexican restaurant. Great food, great service and great ambiance. Michael and Mr. Snowbird then took all the kids home and Sam, Karen and I walked around the shops some more before heading home.

Yesterday, Karen, Noah, Sam, Mr. Snowbird and I headed to Sea World while Michael napped the twins. After their naps, he joined us. I swear, everyone within a hundred miles of Sea World was there yesterday! Can you say CROWDED. I don't like crowds a whole lot but enjoyed watching the kids have fun. We went to the Pet Show--which I loved. Dogs, cats, and a pig doing some amazing tricks. We watched the little ones play at the Sesame Street Bay of Play while Sam and Michael took off for the Atlantis ride. We then took in the Shamu show. It amazes me what they teach these animals-both in the Pet show and the Shamu show. The trainers all look like they truly love the animals and their jobs. After that, Karen, Noah, Sam, and I went for a ride in the tall observation tower and on the sky lift. Then Michael and Mr. Snowbird took the little ones home while Karen, Sam and I enjoyed the whole rest of the evening kid free. We enjoyed a very nice meal at an outdoor restaurant then K and S rode the river rapids ride--twice. Sam didn't get wet enough the first time! After that, we took in the Dolphin show, the fireworks, the freshwater aquarium, the Moray Eels, and the Manatee Rescue. Three manatees, rescued from Florida, were in a huge tank which we could observe from underground. These guys were all injured by motorboats and Orlando was filled to capacity so Sea World shipped them across the country and have them here now. They were amazing!! I've seen them (or actually their noses) in the wild but had no idea they were as huge as they were. Finally, Sam and Karen wanted to ride the Atlantis ride. So off we went. I wasn't too keen on getting wet at 10:15 at night so I sat and watched. Since it was so late, the wait was very short and they rode on it 4 times. Karen had on a rain poncho but Sam got soaked! Luckily he brought dry clothes with him and changed before we finally headed home about 11:30. We were all tired but had a great day.

Today is our last day and Sam, Karen and I are headed for the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. More about that next post. We fly out tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM. It has been an exhausting 10 days but we have had a fantastic time. Thanks Karen and Michael for putting up with us and for taking us everywhere. Weee Loooovvvveee Yoouuuuu!!!


Tootie said...

Wow, Snowbird I don't know how you are still standing after the past week. Children and Grandchildren are beautiful! I looked at all the pictures and all I can say is, you have certainly helped make some wonderful memories for the little ones. Thanks for sharing!

Tink *~*~* said...

I'm tired just reading about your week! I would love to go to California and play tourist. It's been a long time.

Tink *~*~*

Neptunesmuse said...

You will need a vacation from your vacation. Soon you can go home to painting and reconstruction - there is no rest for the retired:-)

MariBy said...

What a wonderful family vacation you are having. I've enjoyed reading of your family adventures so much!