Thursday, July 31, 2008

Long Awaited Photos-Balboa Park Museums

Ok, here are some of the pictures I took at the Air and Space Museum and at the Fleet Children's Science Museum in Balboa Park. This was one of the few trips where the entire family traveled together to one place. It is amazing what it takes to get us all ready to go somewhere!

Here we are in front of Apollo 9 at the Air and Space Museum. Noah wasn't into having his picture taken with the group.

Here are Karen and Noah trying out one of the planes you could get into.

Here is Noah on his own trying to fly.

Sam had to take his turn in a simulator. I think he needs a few more lessons before he goes up for real!

Karen and the little ones watching Sam crash and burn.

After all that flying, we needed to take a little snack break before moving on to the next museum.

The Fleet Children's Science Museum has a great room for the little ones to play and explore in. This is Luka exploring. Bottoms Up anyone?

Here is Ethan doing his exploring and playing.

Luka is our jumper. He jumps everywhere. Here is Sam watching him jump from block to block as Luka counts each block.

There is so much to do in the Science Museum. One of the things that Karen, Sam and Noah all enjoyed was making Shrinky Dinks. You can use #6 plastic boxes to make them--you know--the kind that sandwiches and salads come in? This way, you don't have to pay all that money to buy Shrinky Dinks at the store.

Mr. Snowbird wasn't really into making Shrinky Dinks or counting blocks, so he and I took a brief trip to the Rose Garden across the street. I love roses and yes, I do take time to stop and smell them!

Just one of the many varieties that I smelled.

Here are the kids waiting for Daddy to get the car so we didn't have to walk a long ways. Good ole Daddy!

Here is Ethan sound asleep still clutching his flower. He likes to take time to stop and smell the flowers too. It was a long but fun day.


Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oooh, those are fun to see! If anyone wants to do the shrinky-dinks, you have to use permanant markers, not watercolors, and you can put them in the toaster oven at 350 degrees. It only takes about 20 seconds, so watch them!

You can tamp them down with a spoon when they come out if they are not flat.

gpc said...

Fun! Mr. Cranky and his retired admiral brother both lived on flat aircraft carriers when they were young, Admiral as a senior officer on the Midway and Mr. C as an all weather night fighter pilot. So I've heard a lot about carriers in general and that one in particular and would have loved to see the midway!

And I am psyched about the shrinky dinks! When my kids were little I cut out ovals and had them decorate them, punched holes near the top, shrunk them, and made necklaces for their grandmas. I still have one of them. Time to pull out that old tradition for my grandkids!

Tootie said...

Well, I learned something! I had never heard of shrinky-dinks! I have really enjoyed your trip with you Snowbird.

MariBy said...

Oh I loved looking at the photos of the grandkids having a fun day.

I was lol at Mr. Snowbird not being the crafty ;) type and opting to tour the rose garden with you.