Thursday, July 17, 2008

Remodeling-Day 2-Part 2

I swore last spring I would never go through this again--and here we are are once more! Remember Bob the Blind Guy last spring? Well, this time we have Bob the Absent Guy. He showed up for all of about 10 minutes today I think. Since they had to patch a crack in the living room ceiling and the ceiling has a swirl pattern on it, he tried to duplicate the pattern. He did a great job of duplicating it. I just wish he had used a ground cloth when he did it! He took a wet sponge and wet the plaster patch, then swirled it. Yeah, it worked great--but--it also dripped all over the floor, all over the walls and all over my gold chair. And, either he didn't notice, or didn't want to, but he didn't clean it up! After he left, I noticed it and quickly got a Mr. Clean sponge and cleaned it as best I could. Grrrr. And he has to do the same thing in the computer room tomorrow. Believe me, we will suggest that he use a ground cloth!

Then, Brandon, sweet boy that he is, painted the laundry room today. Well, lets say he tried to. When he left he said he had to get another quart of paint to finish up but the inside of the cupboards, the shelves, and the louvered doors were done and I could put stuff back in them. So about an hour later, I went to put stuff in and noticed the lousy paint job!! The ends of the shelves were painted, the louvers look horrible and even the walls where he used a roller weren't totally covered. It will take more than a quart to fix it, believe me.

So, Mr. Snowbird is planning on having a talk with them tomorrow. I am so afraid to leave on vacation and let them finish up on their own. If this is the kind of work they do when we are here, can you imagine what will go on when we aren't here??

Anyway, more of my woes tomorrow, I'm sure.

Oh, and Tink, thanks for the suggestion of having an adult beverage. Even though I've been on a diet and avoiding that type of beverage, believe me, today I had one!!


Gayle said...

Sounds to me like it is another adult beverage day! Gosh, I hope this works out for you.

Tink *~*~* said...

I'm with Gayle; possibly, you require a whole pitcher of adult beverage =8^0

Tink *~*~*

gpc said...

I second (third) the motion for a pitcher -- My last home-job was done by a middle-aged contractor with a whole crew, and even so, after having them re do several parts, I ended up doing part of it myself to fix their sloppy work. Where is Bob the Builder wjen we need him (my grandkids just love him. can he fix it? yes he can!) Good luck, drink deeply from the well of adulthood.