Wednesday, July 23, 2008

San Diego-Day 4-South of the Border

We were out the door by 8:00 AM and headed to the border. Karen stayed home with the twins while the rest of us did the touristy thing. Going into Mexico is a piece of cake. No lines, no stopping, no waiting--just "Come on in and spend your money!" Once we crossed the border, we found that the exit we usually take to Ensenada was closed for construction and the detour signs were less than helpful. So, Michael, drove us through the streets of Tijuana looking for our route. After a brief tour of Tijuana, we finally found our road and were on our way south. Parts of Tijuana are gorgeous and modern but the part we traveled through going to Ensenada is poor, dirty, and so sad. The road to Ensenada hugs the coast and is beautiful. There are many, new, modern hotels and resorts being built. And yes, even The Donald, is building one.

We arrived in Ensenada and found a parking space practically in the same place we did when we went down in January. Of course, the first thing we had to do was go to McDonald's so Noah could have breakfast. Mr. Snowbird, Sam and I walked around the block while he ate. When we got back, Sam decided he was hungry too, so then he ate. About 45 minute later, we finally got out of McDonalds. We wandered the shops and went down to the waterfront. We saw the boats, shops, and other sights. Then back up on the main street for more shops and shopping. Sam wanted to pick up some souvenirs for his family. (Shhhh, don't tell them!) By this time, the adults were getting hungry so we found a "real" Mexican restaurant and had real Mexican food. Even after some advice from our son in law, Dr. Mike, about not drinking the water, Mr. Snowbird had to try the margaritas. I, on the other hand, stuck with my usual red adult beverage. But, the food and service were great. More shopping and finally we headed back north.

Remember I said that you have no problem getting into Mexico. It is a bit different getting out. Well, actually a bit different getting into the US. It seems like everyone is trying to get out of Mexico or get in to the US at the same time. There are about 6-8 lanes and all are mobbed. It took us an hour to get up to the border crossing. Of course, there is lots of entertainment along the way with people selling their wares. The popular thing seemed to be giant ceramic turtles. We didn't think it would be to easy getting those home on the plane but we did, however, opt to buy some Churros. Sam had never had one. Oh yum!!

We finally hit the border crossing. We were ready with our passports. The guy saw Michael's Navy insignia (he's not in the Navy but works as a doctor for the Navy), took a brief look at our passports, and we were on our way. We were back home in about 20 minutes. We got home about 6:30. In the past, we have gotten home later. I guess it's because it was mostly girls shopping. When it's boys shopping, it's mostly walking past stores rather than through them. LOL.

Anyway, we had a fun day and Sam is now a "world traveler".


gpc said...

How fun. I've never been to Mexico and this is one of the few reports that makes me want to go! Food, adult beverage, shopping -- all sounds good to me! Any ill effects from Mr. Snowbird's daring choice of beverage? I hope not!

ChrisC and JonJ said...

I wanna go....(whiney smiley here)

MariBy said...

Oh yes churros! I love churros! Yum! Glad you had a pretty good day in Mexico...looking forward to more of your trip report! :)

Gayle said...

Geez, I have to travel half a day to be anywhere other than Canana...and that is 300 miles away, too! Lucky you and how fun! But I'm worried about Bob the Builder and his crew....I am anxiously awaiting photos of the hosue. Something shady about that crew....I hope all is well at home!