Thursday, July 17, 2008

Remodeling-Day 3

The plasterboard guys showed up at 8:00 and spent about 10 or 15 minutes doing something. Don't know what because it doesn't look any different. Then left announcing that they would be back tomorrow.

Brandon showed up at 9:00 and said his dad wouldn't be there today or tomorrow. Still meeting with insurance adjustors on some major jobs he has. I have to assume that these are homes that were damaged in last August's flood. Many homes have either been torn down or need major renovation. Anyway, back to our major renovation! Mr. Snowbird talked to Brandon about his less than stellar job yesterday and he agreed. So, he spent the ENTIRE day painting the room and the tiny connecting 1/2 bath again. He came to me at one point and asked if we really needed the shutters on the window because it was very hard to paint. I told him that yes, I needed them and to do the best he could! He left about 3:30 saying he would be back tomorrow to do the ceiling. Mr. Snowbird and I agreed that we probably would have done the ceiling first so that it doesn't drip all over the new paint job but hey--he's the professional! I have to admit, though, the paint job looks much better today than it did yesterday. I was able to get things back in the cupboard but still have to wait to put other stuff back until the ceiling is done.

It is very difficult to tell what color this actually is. It is a yellowish green I guess. Not a whole lot different but not nearly as bright!

These are the shutters that Brandon wanted me to get rid of.

We did talk them into delaying any further indoor work until we get back from San Diego. Yay!! They will, however, put the new door and windows in the barn, install the new wrought iron railings on the porch and fix the eaves trough which is leaking like a sieve.

So, there will be work done tomorrow but I don't know how much. But at least I can go on vacation and not have to worry about what is going on in my house. Now the worry will be--when will they be able to get back to work after our vacation!


gpc said...

I'm pouring myself a gin and tonic to commiserate with all the stress you're going through (a sacrifice, but hey, I try to be supportive!) I HOPE Brandon's dad is seeing insurance adjustors about flood coverage and not damage his crew has caused somewhere else (ha ha? blame the tonic.) I'm glad you'll be able to leave town with minimum of worry.

Neptunesmuse said...

Do you have a Home Depot near? Behr paint is a much better quality paint than Lowes' Valspar interior paint. Since you are going lighter in the rooms you plan on painting Behr has an interior paint with a primer built in -thus a better coverage than the one coat of Valspar. You can take your paint chips you have already picked put to HD and they will match them. We have only had a Home Depot for a year now and I have repainted with interior and exterior paint. The quality of the paint will help cover some of beginner boys painting errors. Hope you are only being charged for training the boy to paint instead of professional painter prices.
Have fun in California. Hugs to you and Mr.Snowbird. Have a safe trip. Milo saws "meow".