Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Remodeling-Day 2

Well, actually this is Day 3 but since Brandon was only here for about an hour yesterday applying another coat of plaster to the cracks, I won't count that.

The day started with Mr. Snowbird bouncing me out of bed at 7:45. The guys were here already!! What happened to 9:00?? Anyway, when I opened my door there were three guys moving furniture out of the other bedroom. As I was walking out of my room, they practically ran me over hauling stuff into it.

Sitting on our front porch were four 6x12 slabs of plasterboard. They looked at the board and then looked at the stairway and decided there was noooo way that those boards were going to go up that stairway. So, they had to cut them in half and it was still a chore.

Downstairs, Brandon was sanding all of the plaster patches. There is now an inch of plaster dust all over the house, I swear. He asked if we had picked out our colors--to which I replied "yup". So we went over what we needed in what room. We added the 1/2 bath and hall closet onto the list of things to be painted. The ceiling in the closet is cracked but we opted not to fix it as that would take another 2 days! Anyway, Brandon says, "Gee, I'm not very good at this. How much paint do you think I will need???" Ok, I'll give the kid some slack here. He is only 21 and I'm sure Dad has done most of the paint buying. So, we figured out together what it might take.

As Brandon was heading out the door, he said they we needed to get all of my collectables out of the living room since they would start painting in there. So all the stuff that had been moved from one end of the living room to the other now had to go to the family room. Plus, my antique cabinet (which belonged to my g.g.grandfather who died in 1854) had to be emptied of its contents as well as the other cabinet containing the rest of my Hummel collection. So, even before my first cup of coffee, I was hauling stuff from one room to another. (Geez, why do I have so much stuff??) And of course since we decided at the last minute to paint the closet, all of that stuff had to come out too. So, now there is barely room to sit, much less walk, in the family room.

Just some of my Hummels.

My great great grandfather's cabinet. I LOVE this thing!

This is all the stuff hauled from the living room and closet into the family room.

Upstairs, the guys have run out of plaster board and need to go get more. Once they get back and have that installed, then comes the job of plastering or filling the cracks between the plasterboard or whatever they need to do on the ceiling.

The bedroom before major reconstruction begins.

Bob, our contractor, who was at a funeral yesterday showed up at 10:00. He had been waiting for his insurance adjuster to come to his house for something. They were late so he came over here but got a call from them and had to leave again. Argggg! All this and it is only 10:30.

So, Brandon gets back with the paint. I forgot that since they were painting the laundry room and bathroom, EVERYTHING had to be moved out of the cupboards and cabinets in there! Wanna see what my family room looks like now?? Well here it is!


So, everyone is busy now working in the bedroom and in the laundry room. Brandon is painting the laundry room and it does look nice. I sure hope the people who buy this place eventually like it too!!!

Anyway, more later as the day progresses. It looks like they might even get to the living room today. How about that?


Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oooh, don't get any paint on that cabinet!! I say wrap it up in all the stuff from the closet so there are no accidents!

Glad to see the house get a little love and care, the old girl!

gpc said...

Ai yi yiii, I am exhausted just thinking about all your work -- and without coffee? NOOOO!

The cabinet is beautiful - your young S-L mama is right, keep it covered!

The Farmer Files said...

maybe that's how they are going to get it all done by the 19th...showing up early and leaving late. :)

Tink *~*~* said...

oh, those poor, homeless Hummels! Well, I would just avoid all the stress and leave the house every day. A little retail therapy, a little massage therapy, a little adult beverage therapy.... yeah, that's what I'd do! :D

Blogless Thursday tomorrow!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Matt Jaworski said...
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