Thursday, July 31, 2008

Photos From Our Trip To Mexico

On Tuesday, Michael, Sam, Mr. Snowbird, Noah and I piled into the Camry and headed to the border. Getting into Mexico is a piece of cake. You don't even stop at the border. Getting out is another matter.

This is the Tijuana entry into Mexico.

Look at all the people trying to get out of Mexico. And this is at about 9:00 AM.

Since the road we were to take to Ensenada was closed and the detour signs were practically non-existent, we ended up driving through downtown Tijuana.

Some of the housing around Tijuana is so pitiful. No wonder people are trying to get out of Mexico.

Sam and Mr. Snowbird in Ensenada.

Our first stop was McDonalds. Noah had his meal and then Sam decided maybe he should eat too. Of course we all nibbled on his french fries.

This is a HUGE Mexican flag in the middle of the park down by the docks.

Down by the harbor.

Some of the booths along the harbor front.

We went down this alley leading from the harbor to the main street. Along the way were rows of little restaurants. As we were walking down the alley, each restaurant had a person in the door of the tiny kitchen yelling at us to come in. I didn't look at any menus but I'm sure each one was the same.

There were little food booths on just about every corner. This one had candy. I love candy but I'm not sure I would want to buy this candy!!

We ate real Mexican food in a real Mexican Restaurant. It was kind of neat because it was a covered, glassed in area out on the street. Several of the restaurants have these.

The road from Ensenada to just south of Tijuana is really beautiful. It overlooks the Pacific.

Here we are waiting at the border trying to get across. It took us over an hour in line to get up to the border crossing. Along the way, people are selling everything from Churros to blankets to religious items to huge ceramic turtles. It does tend to make the time go faster. We had no trouble getting through thanks to our passports and Michael's navy doctor insignia on the windshield. It was a fun day although Sam was the only one who came home with any souvenirs.


MariBy said...

Wonderful that you had a good time...and it was great to see Tijuana. I was there many, many, many years ago. It's ummm...looking umm...a little...tidier. Yes...that's it...tidier. :)

The Farmer Files said...

What great pics! I like to go on other people's vacations!!