Friday, July 11, 2008

Here We Go Again!!!

Many of you will remember my posts from last winter when we were going through remodeling woes at our place on Sanibel. Well, for a litany of reasons, we are going through it again--in our Findlay home. HELP!!!

And what might those reasons be you ask--you did ask didn't you? Well, here you go:
#1. Although we have no plans to sell our home anytime soon, there will come a day.
#2. We live in a lovely old 100+ home which has decided to start "settling" again. And so, we have developed cracks--big cracks in some places. We used to have a quarry nearby and they would often blast. If that were the case I could understand the cracks but why does a home this old start to shift?
#3. We haven't remodeled since 1978 and even though we like it, I'm afraid that anyone looking to buy is going to run screaming for the hills--although Mr. Snowbird would argue with me about people not liking it.

So, we contacted a contractor--or contracted a contactor--whichever. He has given us a quote and may be able to begin work on Monday. Of course, we are leaving for San Diego on Saturday so this could present problems! But, we'll face that hurdle when we get there. We are having the laundry room cracks fixed and the room painted--a neutral color. He doesn't like our yellow. We are having the cracks fixed on the living room walls and ceiling and the room painted. We are having the woodwork painted in my bedroom and the ceiling cracks fixed and painted in the computer room. And, the big job will be the master bedroom which has been "nude" since Mr. Snowbird took the wallpaper off years ago and never got around to painting it. We also have to have a new ceiling in there. And of course carpet. As I said, HELP!!
Oh, and did I mention new windows and door in the barn and new cement steps and partial sidewalk out the back door? And the contractor suggested new counter tops, stove and dishwasher in the kitchen. We're still mulling that one over.

This is a crack that has formed above our fireplace. There is another wicked one below the mantle. I just hope the whole chimney doesn't come tumbling down.

This is what happens when you remove a stick down cat bed from a window sill. Of course paint is chipping in practically every other room too!

This is the color of one end of the living room now. That same color is on the woodwork in the other half of the room and extends all the way up the stairway and onto the woodwork in the upstairs hallway. So, the contractor is suggesting we repaint the living room--well, we have to after the massive fireplace crack is fixed. And in painting, then it has to go all the way up the stairs to the hallway, right?

Ok, I told you we hadn't remodeled since 1978! And it's no secret that I love red! But--I just don't think others feel the same way--but can you believe it--the contractor thinks the wallpaper and carpet are ok. So, that is one less thing, at least for now, that we have to deal with.

I love my cheery, yellow laundry room. If you have to spend time in a laundry room, it should be cheery, right? But, the contractor doesn't think it will sell. Sooo, bye bye cheery yellow, hello dull beige.

And here is our outdated kitchen. I happen to like it and thought it would be ok. Sure, we need a new stove and dishwasher to go with the new black disposal and fridge but hey. But, the contractor cringed when he saw the orange. I guess it does look a bit like halloween now that I look at it.

So, that is that. I'm sure you will hear a lot more moaning and groaning from me over the next few weeks as we live with contractors. Poor Bill, who lives with us, works nights and sleeps days. We have decided that the best thing for him to do is move a mattress to the basement where he can get some semblance of rest. Anyway, stay tuned for the latest in Remodeling Madness.


gpc said...

I agree with you - I like the laundry room color (and the shells! :) ) The reds and golds (and orange?) are very south of france, no?

MariBy said...

Seeing what your goal is - I can see the rationale behind doing a limited remodel. I actually agree with all of your contractor's recommendations, except for one (I'd redo the wallpaper and paint out the woodwork in the room with the stairs).

Good luck with the remodel.

Tink *~*~* said...

Contractor has the living room and the laundry room backwards!

Watch some HGTV this weekend for expert opinion on what sells. Beige is right, but that yellow seems close enough. The red carpet, on the other hand, is only going to appeal to another person who digs red. Everyone else will be mentally deducting off the price b/c they will be thinking, "oh I have to replace the carpet; it doesn't go with my furniture".

Shama-Lama Mama said...

I grew up in that house. If someone described our carpet and wallpaper to me I would be horrified but I have to admit I have a fondness for it. And it IS a one hundred year old Victorian. Somehow a Victorian seems allowed to have all the red it wants and some busy, flowery wallpaper.

But, yeah, you should start watching HGTV. There are a lot of shows on now about how to get your house sold. Number one is kitchen. I say, yes, find a granite (or similar) countertop that goes well with the floor, new stove and dishwasher, and maybe even reface the cupboards out of the "americana" look. Kitchens are the MOST important.

I think the paint in the living room has actually come back around to being contemporary. I have to admit, the paint in the laundry room is a touch to lemony. Too vivid. Maybe a mossy green would be nice.

But yeah, just the age of the carpet alone is why it must go before you sell the house. But after growing up with the bright red, anything else is going to look so dull...

I would go to open houses in the neighborhood as much as possible (similar style houses) and see what they have done that you like, and copy that.

The "shifting" of the house is what worries me about getting it sold. That freaky bulge in the stairwell is scary enough. I didn't know about all those cracks! YIKES!

Shama-Lama Mama said...

And don't replace the wallpaper with other wallpaper... wallpaper always becomes "dated" so fast. If folks don't like the paint you chose, they know a quick change is easy. Paper is SO subjective and a matter of taste.

Oh, and red PAINT is in right now.

In: brick red, mossy green, golden yellow, mocha brown.

PLEASE PLEASE don't paint it beige. The outside is pretty basic, a blank slate. Don't make the inside boring.

The Farmer Files said...

Well this is going to produce a ton of blog fodder!

MariBy said...

Well if I may weigh in once more...

The reason that I didn't suggest that you replace the carpet is because it's a 100 year old house. There might be wood floors underneath the carpet.

If you know for sure that there is wood - in good condition - underneath that carpet...pull up the carpet and refinish the floors.