Tuesday, July 22, 2008

San Diego-Day 3

Today was kind of a lazy day. It was Noah's last day of school so Karen and Sam went to school with him to see him "graduate". The kindergarten kids sang songs, showed a video of their year etc. Mr. Snowbird and I stayed home with the twins--who weren't a whole lot of trouble since they watched Dora The Explorer most of the time. Karen, Sam and Noah were home by 10:00 so we decided to go to the mall. Sam wanted to buy a San Diego Chargers or Padres cap. He didn't get one since they all cost $25-$30!! We told him we would hit Walmart later in the week. Surely they would have something cheaper.

We did the California thing and stopped at In n Out Burgers for lunch. I love these burgers! Then it was home for naps etc. Karen's friend, Karin, stopped by for a visit. I hadn't seen her since Karen and Michael's wedding in 2000 so it was nice to see her again.

Chinese for dinner and plans for tomorrow for Mexico. Karen has also posted about our trip on her blog with a link to her Flickr account where she has posted pictures of our trip so far. So, people, if you want pictures, go there.

So, we have to get up early tomorrow so we can get out of here early. Passports are ready, cameras are ready, and we are ready to cross the border.


MariBy said...

Hope you have a great time in Mexico! I'm off now to see the pics!:)

The Farmer Files said...

Adios! Hope you learned some key words from Dora. :)